Dedàleo is a multi-disciplinary design studio founded by independent creative individuals with diverse backgrounds, united by a shared passion for design. Based in Milan - Italy and Limassol - Cyprus, we specialize in three core disciplines: Architecture, Product Design, and Graphic Design. Our philosophy is grounded in a holistic and systematic design approach that empowers us to generate innovative and effective solutions to various design challenges.

At our core, we believe the user should always be at the center of our work. We aim to create impactful and memorable experiences that truly resonate with the user, considering every possible touchpoint they may have with the space, product, or service. Through our thorough research and investigation of real-life case scenarios, we can provide comprehensive creative consulting services beyond the conventional approach. Our team leverages its expertise to deliver results-oriented solutions that meet and exceed our client's expectations, from the early stages of ideation to the final production or construction phase.

At our studio, we believe that design is not just a tool but a way of thinking that has the power to shape our world. Our wider vision is to inspire and raise awareness towards this holistic approach to design, which extends beyond the traditional boundaries of aesthetics and functionality. As the physical and digital worlds continue to evolve rapidly, we understand that designers have a critical role to play in addressing the needs of today while also paving the way for a better tomorrow. With this in mind, we see it as our responsibility to approach each new challenge with a deep commitment to ethical design, focusing on sustainability and creating positive impacts on the world.

Ntaiana Charalampous

Interior Architect, Creative Director

Ntaiana Charalampous is a licensed Cypriot architect whose work, between Milan and Cyprus, focuses on creating unique, playful, and flexible interior concepts and furniture that will positively impact users’ lives. Armed with a solid educational foundation, Ntaiana holds a BSc degree in Architecture Science and an MSc degree specializing in Interior Architecture, both earned from the prestigious Politecnico di Milano.


One of her most notable achievements came when she emerged victorious in an interior design competition for a luxury watch brand's new shop concept. This triumph catapulted her into the spotlight, leading to remarkable individual projects in the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia.


Recognized among the best under-35 designers, Ntaiana showcased her brilliance at Salone Satellite not once, but twice, in 2022 and 2023. Her innovative designs profoundly impacted the design community and garnered the attention of design enthusiasts worldwide. Her work has been featured in renowned articles and earned her distinction as a distinguished industry talent.


Ntaiana's commitment to excellence is exemplified by her accolades, including the prestigious German Design Award 2023 Special for the ilo+milo 2.0 kitchen and the German Design Award 2024 Special for the D1 Milano watch kiosk concept. She has also earned a spot on the Dezeen Awards 2023 shortlist, solidifying her position as a design visionary. Her Snap Armchair, unveiled at Salone Satellite 2023, transcended international boundaries as was featured in international art galleries and even found its place on a NYC Times Square billboard before ultimately making its prestigious debut at La Rinascente in Milan.


Ntaiana Charalambous's unique approach fuses architecture and design to craft unparalleled concepts for interior spaces and bespoke furniture. Her creations go beyond aesthetics; they are experiences that enrich the lives of those who encounter them.


Driven by an insatiable passion to explore, share, and challenge norms, Ntaiana co-founded Dedàleo, a creative platform that embraces curiosity, adaptability, and innovation. Here, different methods intertwine to give birth to groundbreaking designs that redefine the boundaries of imagination and functionality.


Antonia Stylianou



Antonia invested six years in working as an Architect in Limassol, Cyprus, where she has been involved in multiple projects of various types spanning from residential to urban design. The foundations of her knowledge were built at the University of Patras, Greece, after which she qualified as an Architectural engineer in 2015.

Antonia's passion for creation incentivized her to get involved with Ceramics, Photography, and Yoga. These activities nourish her body and soul to achieve more and give back to the community. She actively participates in workshops, seminars, architectural competitions, and more.


Being a visionary, Antonia found herself at home as a co-founder at Dedaleo. Her additions to the team are invaluable and include a deep knowledge of larger-scale projects and experience through focused research on landscape urbanism, thus offering another point of view to the team.

Nayia Vasileiadou

Graphic & Service Designer


Nayia studied Applied Arts & Communication in Cyprus and Product Service System Design at Milano Politecnico.

She has eight years of experience working individually on personal projects and four years working collaboratively for an international organization in the gaming industry.


As a huge supporter of a multidisciplinary approach and a team player, she joined the Dedaleo team to share her true passion and interest in design. She has always been fascinated by how design can shape people’s behaviors and transform intangible values into tangible experiences.

Her strong interest in branding and communication is combined with design research, user journeys, and mapping.