We are

About Us:

Dedaleo is a multi-diciplinary agency formed by three
creative individuals with different backgrounds but the
same passion towards design. Dedaleo's focus relies on the
three core diciplines of Architecture, Product Design and
Graphic Desgin. Our Philosophy is based on a holistic and
systematic design approach to generate problem solving
and innovative ideas.

Planning Big

Our Mission:

Having the user at the center of the stage, our goal is to
create impactful and memorable experiences, considering
each touch point that the user might have with the space,
the product or the service. From research and investigation
on real case scenarios, our work expands to creative
consulting and production.

Dreaming Bigger

Our Vision:

Our wider vision is to raise awareness towards design
as a way of thinking rather as a tool. As the physical and
digital worlds evolving, designers’ work relies somewhere
in between of what we need today and what we could do
better for tomorrow.Thus, we consider ourselves responsible
to respond to the new challenges with ethical design, for a
better and sustainable future.

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